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Tickford aims to inspire its customers to personalise their Ford vehicle by offering enhancements that are performance orientated, with design options that appeal to different tastes. These enhancements are developed in complete Packs or Products to enhance key features of the vehicle while also allowing flexibility to accommodate individual requirements. The ultimate aim of Tickford is to provide comprehensive fully-engineered enhancements that achieve a new aesthetic and performance level from the original vehicle.

Tickford’s power upgrades are rigorously developed with our tuning partners to ensure there is an improved amount of driveability while maintaining the safety parameters in the engine to ensure the longevity of service. Every Tickford tune is created by our own technicians, and are not offered to any other supplier.



Many Packs incorporate a tune that has been developed to work in harmony with the other Pack enhancements, which overall improves the driving experience with better sound, performance and driveability.

Externally, we accentuate the original lines of the vehicle to provide a sportier or more aggressive look that does not detract from the original design. In some cases, we use the original equipment suppliers to ensure the quality of materials is maintained. For the times we make changes that could impact the functionality of the vehicle, we go to great lengths to engineer and test solutions. For example, our signature Tickford radiator grille on Ford Ranger, used Computational Fluid Dynamics and airflow testing to assist in a product design that allowed more airflow through the grille than the standard version.

Elsewhere, we have used the same methodology to ensure we deliver quality products such as in the inside of the vehicle, where upgrades are tested to meet or exceed legal obligations. Occupant safety is important to us, so we turned to Bosch to test our interior leather and Alcantara fabric for side airbag testing, ensuring none of the existing safety elements were compromised and worked as expected.

Additionally, we studied the surfaces and colours of vehicle interiors to provide enough custom options for leather upholstered interior and the steering wheel to satisfy the most fastidious customer.

Each Pack or Product that Tickford offer has been engineered to get the best out of the vehicle, while the majority meet Australian road compliance standards. Our technicians pride themselves of adhering to high standards and all enhancements include the installation of a numbered build plate to each vehicle at the time of completion.

So, the next time you see the distinctive Tickford grille or badge, you know the owner of the car is enjoying a quality enhanced vehicle that has been transformed by Tickford Performance's team.

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2020 Tickford TA-500 Mustang launched

2019 Tickford Trans-Am and F150 introduced

2018 Ranger Rampage introduced

2018 Launch of the TSV-535R Mustang

2017 Introduction of the Bathurst ’77 Special

2017 Ranger Adventure packs hit the market

2016 Tickford launched into the Australian market

2015 Tickford commences engineering and development work for Ford Mustang and Ranger

1820 Salmons & Sons create the first iteration of Tickford, in Newport Pagnell, UK

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