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Subject to its terms, this warranty covers any failures or damage to the components which directly result, under normal use and service, from the installation, operation, or performance of Tickford Performance product upgrades.


Repairs and/or replacement of any components will only occur where a Tickford Performance product is found to have failed or found to be a direct cause of the relevant failure or damage.


Tickford will not be responsible for any consequential loss arising from any failures of any Tickford Performance product,  installation or service.


A component can be worn yet still serviceable and fit for use (as determined by Tickford Performance acting reasonably), and subject to the availability of components, whether currently in production or not.


The coverage and term of this warranty begins on the contract/invoice date and ends on the completion of the relevant warranty of the vehicle as per manufactures specification and application for up to 24 months or 100,000kms only, whichever occurs first. For avoidance of doubt this means the earlier to occur of:


► 24 month anniversary of the date that the vehicle is first registered with the applicable government motor vehicle authority (“Registration Date”) and the date that the vehicle has travelled 100,000kms after the registration date. Note this warranty is not transferrable.


Any Tickford Performance products fitted outside of the manufacturer's warranty, under the same terms set out above will carry a 12 month or 20,000km warranty - whichever occurs first.

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